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Bringing Latest News and Videos in the Most Summarized Manner!

Keeping yourself updated with the world news and entertained is a need that no one can deny. However, the quick and fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t let people sit and watch the latest news or their favourite videos. For most people, it seems impossible to spend hours searching for videos online on weekdays.
Leveraging the technology of communication and digitization, NewsNow becomes your favourite short news app for the latest news and videos. The NewsNow news app started on the 1st of April in 2017 and already started gaining a huge response from the users. Apart from the news and videos, we also bring you the NewsNow blog that are trending in the digital world.

Quick and easy way of getting news and other content

The whole idea behind NewsNow is to provide the convenience of fast-paced latest & breaking news and other content. This short news app offers all the latest news, videos and blogs in a summarized form of 70 words. This way, you get to have more news at the same time. Plus, you also get the direction towards the complete news or content if you desire a full read.

News from the most reliable sources

We have made it our responsibility to resolve the clutter and let you have the most reliable news. Hence, our team constantly works to research the national as well as international sources. The news comes to you only after we verify the authority of the source. Hence, you always attain reliable content on our app. Having a huge team of experts and a reliable technology allows us to provide news from business, sports, technology, automobile, entertainment, politics, travel, fashion, science, startups and much more.

Read news in your own language choice

We believe that language barrier should not stop anyone to have the advantage of the technology. With that in mind, we have designed our app to provide news in both English and Hindi languages. As a result, all our users feel comfortable while reading the news in their own language.

The language option also helps in obtaining the whole gist of the news, as you read in the language you are most comfortable with.

Stay updated, stay entertained, only with NewsNow!

With the amazing response from the users, we have made it our mission and vision to evolve with the idea of NewsNow and keep on offering reliable content in the summarized manner for people.

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